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Occupational therapy (OT) is designed to help individuals who have difficulties in undertaking everyday tasks. In the United States, at least 80% of children who are suffering from anxiety disorder and other social skills issues are not receiving the proper treatment they need. Occupational therapy for teens can help such kids not only better deal with the challenges that they are facing but also become better.

Today, one of the fastest rising techniques for occupational therapy for kids and teens is Safe and Sound therapy. In this article, you are going to learn all about this occupational therapy technique.

What is Safe and Sound Therapy?

This is an OT practice that takes advantage of filtered vocal music to coach the muscles in the middle ear to focus on the human speech aspect of the sound they are hearing. This coaching allows the child or teen with social skills issues not only to better interpret the meaning of words but also their intent.

This occupational therapy for kids practice works by minimizing the background noise and emphasizing more on comprehending the fluctuations in speech. This creates a safe space for the child to learn about the world and also express themselves.

Benefits of Safe and Sound Therapy

There are numerous benefits attributed to subjecting a child with social skills issues to occupational therapy options like this one. These benefits include:

Improved coordination and balance

Does your child suffer from coordination and balance issues? Occupational therapy for teens can improve your child’s coordination and balance.

Therefore, your child will be able to actively engage more in sports and other fun-time activities like bicycle riding. Their handwriting can also improve. All of these little improvements combined can go a long way in boosting their self-confidence.

Better attention and focus

If your child is easily distracted, they can have a problem focusing even when in school. The Safe and Sound protocol will also help your child better their attention and focus. This means that they can be able to take instructions easily.

In addition to this, their improved focus and attention can help them complete their homework faster and also perform better in class.

Improved memory and learning ability

As a parent, you should give your kids some independence to take risks and learn from their mistakes. If your child is struggling with memory and learning, occupational therapy for teens can be of great help because it can improve their memory and learning ability.

This means that your child can be able to remember what they learned in school and also correct word spellings. They will also be able to remember any instructions you give to them.

Better expressive language and speech.

Occupational therapy for kids will help your child better their expertise in language and speech, especially if they are struggling with social skills issues. The combination of better attention and focus, together with improved learning ability and memory, will help unlock your child’s expressive skills.

The improved expressive language and speech will also build your child’s self-esteem. You can see them start frequently interacting with other kids and also participate in activities like debate and singing.

Manage auditory sensitivities

Life for a child with auditory sensitivities is not an easy one. The Safe and Sound protocol can help a child with auditory sensitivities manage their condition. This occupational therapy for teens achieves this by focusing on the speech aspect of sounds.

Manage anxiety

The effects of anxiety can be especially harsh on children. Anxiety in a child can make them develop social skills issues very early on, and this can affect their life forever. Safe and Sound therapy is very useful in managing anxiety in children.

Moreover, the child will also be able to avoid other conditions associated with anxiety, like migraines, hives, and stomach ache.

You should also consider a multifaceted approach if you are planning to enlist your child in occupational therapy for teens. You can combine this OT technique with other therapies like social skills therapy for the best results.